Taking Chances as a Writer

When is the last time you tried something new?

Ericka Clay | AUTHOR

taking chances as a writer

Writing is like being naked.

No wait.

Publishing on the internet is like being naked. And forgetting to shave.

But it’s also a gut punching sensation that keeps me flying through the words. The fact that people are going to read my work and comment on it, good, bad or ugly, keeps me rocking.

But it also makes me do very stupid things, like considering charging for my work.

I’m no saint, y’all. I’m not perfect and anyone who knows me (especially you, dear reader), is already aware that I don’t think things through. I just do them like a mother fricking Nike swish.

Which is not always a bad thing. This type of thinking has somehow helped me garner a following (I think it’s a “let’s go watch the crazy lady” mentality, but I’ll take what I can get), and it’s helped me experiment with different marketing tools that get…

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