To The Strangers Of Non-Fiction

It has come to my attention that writing non-fiction pieces is a real struggle for me. I just can’t make real places and people seem as interesting and vivid as pretend places and imaginary people… That said I’ve never written a non-fiction piece, outside of a research paper, where I did not stretch the truth.

This presents a problem because in order to get a unique setting and pleasantly flawed characters, one has to be just as much in tune with real life as they are with the one in their head. Characters need your experiences for realistic situations, authentic emotions, back stories, etc. So because it will help my writing in the long run, going over non-fiction is a must.

The strange bit about this is, is that I can write a nice research paper, and I am very pleased with what my imagination can dish out. However, when it comes down to those two extremes I don’t have a happy medium and that’s what I am here to work on.

I have already explained that my non-fiction writing is more along the lines of realistic fiction. In the past (try the fourth grade), I wrote about events in my life that didn’t actually happen, like going to Disney World, Sorry, Mrs. R… I never got ride in the spinning tea cups. I understand now that I should have wrote about what my family actually did for summer vacation, and that was hanging around home. Cellphones weren’t smart yet and we had a ‘Computer room’, so I spent most of my time with my bike, sidewalk chalk, and some other neighborhood kids. *Yawn* See, this is why I wrote about Disney in the first place. It was hard to make ‘fire works at the Cinderella castle’ sound uninteresting in comparison.

Alright, so time to make a change! My goal is to tell you about how a average morning for me goes, and not have you snoring as a result. I’m picking such a small piece because there is one thing I know about non fiction writing, and that is, that you need a focus point. “A seed from the watermelon.” Echos the words, of every English teacher I’ve had, through my brain. Maximum detail, understanding the ticks, sending some grade A imagery, and I’ll assume you get the idea.

In fact, I could probably zoom in on my morning and pick at just how much I loath waking up early. The more I think about, I could probably write for a quite awhile on why waking before the sun really straightens my coils.

What? Don’t look at me like that, like “grinds my gears” is any better? Who asked you anyway?

So here’s the deal, I am going to post my morning melodrama separately and leave you with thoughts of exploring a part of your own life, that you may consider very dull. It is in this instant that you become the writer and the reader. You have to read between the lines of these seemingly unimportant details and make them stand out. Maybe it’s watching the clock at work or cooking dinner. No matter where you are, there are always things to see, smell, and listen to. Write about it!

*Editors and ideas welcome*


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