The Stand Up Sit Down Book Club Still Doesn’t Care About Your Band


The basic tenets of sketch comedy prescribe a commitment to bizarre choices and the exploration of new worlds from unusual perspectives. InI Don’t Care About Your Band, Julie Klausner demonstrates an extraordinary dedication to her comedic craft by applying those same fundamentals of humor to her romantic life. This strategy, like any comedy performance, proves to be intermittently effective, but, when it hits, it hits hard. Klausner, who professes to “love men like it is [her] job,” has survived relationships with indie rockers, trust funders, pornographers, felons, hipsters, and at least one genuinely insane person, and, while she may not have made it through completely unscathed, she has generated enough emotional fallout and neurosis to fuel her writing for the rest of her life. I Don’t Care About Your Band documents a unique quest for love, success, and acceptance and the malarkey everyone has to put up with…

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