The Art of Being A Nerd

Everything from writing to gaming graphics is art, and if one of these things peaks our interest, it usually earns us the title of ‘nerd’, whether it be of the English or computer variety (and anything in between). Or maybe you prefer geek, it really depends on if you’re team “May the force be with you.” vs “May the force be equal to the mass times acceleration” and you can take that any way you like; however, I have television to thank for that clever analogy (01/09/10 SNL).

The point behind that tidbit is, to be passionate about something generally makes nerds, and nerds know all the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of their passions.

So, without further adieu, I’m going to start talking about science fiction. I’ve always enjoyed Star Wars, and then there’s Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, and a newer novel that goes by The Map of Time. I feel that as a a reader I’m well versed in worlds that revolve around space and time travel, but I have never actually ventured into writing about such things for myself.

The thing about me is I am very much a fantasy writer, but I’ve always stayed in  a comfortable familiar world, that I made up in my head long ago. In order to improve that world, I am going to have to think outside of the box, and the closet thing to fantasy fiction is science fiction. You could even argue they are one in the same, but I’m taking a baby steps this time around.

Maybe you have the opposite problem though, and your world is closer to the stars, rather than a forest, so to speak. Then try what I’m doing, which is basically just changing the setting and race/skill set of the characters themselves.

I have a prompt that cater to either side, but obviously I’m going at it with scifi in mind:

“The glass eye in my skull felt cold and unnatural whenever I first pressed into the socket. It’ll always be a painful reminder of what I’ve lost and why I am here…”

(Unless I’m being lazy all prompts are my own, or they will be cited otherwise, feel free to take a prompt and do whatever you want with it, and if it sparks a story consider the two sentences of a prompt yours.)

I’ll be posting the first few paragraphs of my spin on the prompt on a separate post.

Happy writing!


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