An Amazingly Average Introduction!

Presenting the one and only, incredibly ordinary, Alyssa Mitchell! Actually, come of think of it, there are probably at least a dozen Alyssa Mitchell’s running around. Shout out you, guys! To cover some basics, I am 20 years old, I have an impressive one year of college under my belt, and now I am doing some reevaluating on what my true passion is because apparently, it isn’t vet med.

Now, bare with me, I’m not entirely confident on what I am trying to accomplish here. All I know is that I have an underlying need to write, all the time. In fact, it is pretty much all I think about: When, how, and what am I going to write. And I suppose, even though I might just be talking to empty cyber space, at least I am still stepping in the right direction of getting out of my journals and comfort zone.

I shall explain briefly what my original thought for this blog is, and that is to improve upon my writing skills, and with any luck help some other people out as well. I plan on doing this by brushing up on grammar and syntax, but also having fun with writing prompts and different story telling techniques. And of course sharing all of that taking place here, but before I get on to that, I am going to drawn on about my self a bit more.

As a writer, yes I am claiming that title, books are very important to me. I do not care if it’s YA, nonfiction, gory horror story, if it’s in front of me I will read it. I cannot pick a favorite book, I might be able to pick my top three in one specific genre, but that’s as close as it comes. I thoroughly stick by ‘If you can’t write, read’ which I adopted from The Write Practice after reading Joe Bunting’s column, When You Should Be Writing, But Can’t… ( I find it easier to have time for reading vs. writing because I don’t require the same level of solitude for reading, and I have receive very little alone time. This hasn’t stopped e from writing, but it has slowed the process tremendously.

Three years ago my family was blessed with a new baby boy, my little brother, and since then I have been taking care of him while my parents are at work and sister goes to school. Aside, from little brother, I also babysit for another family, when I’m not working part-time retail. The same old story of there not being enough time in a day, and wishing I didn’t need to get by. But this is me, making an effort to not let limited time stop me from writing, so all I can say now is, we’ll see how it goes!


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